I am a photographer. That is a constant point of origin for me--even though viewers frequently approach my work with different assumptions. I seek to create images that could not be created without digital tools but that begin with a camera. My digital darkroom relies on the practices used in conventional film photography, primarily cropping, burning and dodging, and color and contrast adjustment, but with control and precision far beyond what is available in the film darkroom. I have Increasingly been applying digital control to traditional but more marginal techniques such as multiple exposure and slow shutter speeds. The works ultimately retain their photographic essence as captured and represented light, treating the textural footprints of pixel-based production as elements of composition.

When effective my work engages in various current dialogs, the most longstanding of these for me is art’s ability to influence modes of observation and interpretation in everyday life, the ways that the presentation of works can expand the viewer’s personalization of their experience with and connection to the work, and the ways that digital technology’s ability to see beyond that which its masters see can add to our conception of our physical environments. At the level of a background presence, my work generally prods viewers to approach photographs not as records but as fully made things.  Together these concerns shape my most current work in revisiting genres related to place, such as landscape, cityscape, and travelogues. 

My passion for art and for photography in particular isn’t new, beginning 55 years ago in a school closet after sixth grade summer science program that used the darkroom to teach the concept of chemical reaction. I was hooked.  So whether you are a collector, curator, interior designer, or just somebody interested in contemporary photographic art, please feel free to contact me with your feedback and questions on the art, the site, and my exhibition and event schedule.


Intersections: Downtown, Seattle; Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris; Le Marais, Paris (2018)