The images in my Intersections series are all multi-layer photographs, the digital equivalent of traditional multiple exposure photographs. Each of the Intersections works layers three locations into a single presence. All of them begin with the same image at its base. This serves as a lateral roadway connecting each work, and the series is best viewed when displayed as a single presentation of the images as a structured group. The series rises conceptually from questioning where a place ceases to be part of another place and becomes separate--and the implications of that separation (and, in parallel, where a photograph ceases to be photography). Click on any image to view in gallery mode.


Intersections: Downtown Seattle; Avenue Louise, Brussels; Magritte Museum, Brussels (2018)
Intersections: Downtown Seattle; Le Marais, Paris; l'Orangerie, Paris (2018)



Intersections: Downtown Seattle; Louvre, Paris; Tuilleries, Paris (2018)



Intersections: Downtown Seattle; Magnuson Park, Seattle; Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming (2018)


Intersections: Downtown Seattle; Canal, Amsterdam; Louvre, Paris (2018)