A photograph is a made thing, presenting mediated views, intentional or merely selective interpretations of what we see. While each image should be capable of standing alone, a body of work should create a greater sense of place, culture, person, or scene. Since we see, broadly, everything, my images range across many subjects and genres. Their common element is observation. Creating an image makes me pay attention to what is around me. Presenting an image, for me, is a call to action on the part of the viewer to see their everyday worlds with attentive eyes.

I fell in love with photography about 55 years ago, when a summer science program after sixth grade introduced the nature of chemical reactions to us in a small closet darkroom. I saw the image pop from the paper and was hooked. Later I studied photography in the journalism school at Syracuse University and at the New School and spent two years as a professional, doing fashion and architectural assignments using 35mm and view cameras. But turning a passion into a business took diluted the joy of making pictures. So I spent 40 years with photography as an occasional pastime. Fifteen years ago I stopped even that. I gave in to the allure of the three dimensional, with pottery taking up my creative time. In December 2013 I bought my first DSLR and quickly discovered its capacity to see more deeply than my naked eye.  I was hooked once again!

Whether you are a collector, curator, interior designer, or just somebody interested in contemporary photographic art, please feel free to contact me with your feedback and questions on the art, the site, and my exhibition and event schedule.


Orangerie Skyscape (2015)